What’s this all about?

I decided to create this space as a means of collating, sharing, discussing, and learning about self-development, from both a personal and professional viewpoint. 

We’re currently living in a society which fuels the capitalist notion that consumption makes us a more successful person and can fix all our problems. Owning more = better person. 

This spans from the unnecessary splurge on throwaway fashion to the long-coveted designer handbag. It also includes food and alcohol too. We’re brainwashed to think that the £20 cocktail in Shoreditch makes us more glamorous, more popular. The alcohol-fuelled argument with the best friend/partner/colleague (edit as appropriate) suggests otherwise. The next day’s hangover also brings into question its impact on our productivity.

I think this is the wrong way to go. I admit, the odd treat is a just reward, but it’s not a sustainable solution, especially for those without the funds. I think greater focus should be inside of oneself. What’s missing? What’s craved? What brings fulfilment? What can be improved upon?

I am a self-development junkie – seeking solutions and hacks to eek out more…MORE from within. In striving to improve ourselves and the way we interact in the world, we can be more self-aware, more learned, more productive and more energised. We can be the best that we can be.

This blog aims to help people own their development and assist along the way of my own development too. Interested? Welcome!

Let’s do this.

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