Turning pro.

I have a little voice inside that pipes up occasionally, sometimes every day, telling me what I should be doing with my life. Most of the time I've stomped on the little voice telling it to "shut up", "not now", "don't you realise I have X, Y, Z to do first?!". There's never a perfect... Continue Reading →

Book Review: April 2019.

I thought I'd attempt to release a monthly book review - a review of all the books I read in any given month, this post's being April. It was a beast to write, so let's see how long I can keep this up. While I often journal about the books I'm reading, and my thoughts... Continue Reading →

The exhaustion of woman

I'm sat alone in the middle of a restaurant - a table for one. The introverted part of me wants a discreet table in the corner so I can morph into the d├ęcor, so that I can be an unimposing onlooker of those around me. And yet, as I embrace my central position I realise... Continue Reading →

Flow in the face of adversity.

We recently conducted a stress test within our team; all 11 members answered an online questionnaire which compiled of 20 questions. The mean stress level was 52 and I came in at a peachy 82. The co-ordinator sent round a witty "summary" of the results and proposed that I hide my stress well. Those words... Continue Reading →

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