Turning pro.

I have a little voice inside that pipes up occasionally, sometimes every day, telling me what I should be doing with my life. Most of the time I've stomped on the little voice telling it to "shut up", "not now", "don't you realise I have X, Y, Z to do first?!". There's never a perfect... Continue Reading →

Q1: 19for2019 update.

As Q1 rolled to a close I thought it would be apt to check-in with myself and my 19for2019. I booked a week off from work - a staycation - to progress some of my goals and give my batteries a chance to recharge before they hit zero (see...I'm getting better at this "middle ground"... Continue Reading →

Ode to my mentor

Last weekend I applied for a PhD at my chosen institution. During the process I had to identify two academic referees who could provide a supporting statement. I cringed at the imposition of the request, the task it would add to the to-do list of these unwitting mentors, the life update I would have to... Continue Reading →

February Project: PhD Procrastination

In a bid to compromise with myself, and regain some energy whilst continuing with my 'Happiness Project', I elected February's project to kick-start my PhD preparation and application - one of my 19for2019 tasks. I knew this project would allow significant amounts of alone-time (which always re-charges my battery levels), it would lure me into... Continue Reading →

Distinctive study strategies

On Saturday I received my Masters result: I was awarded a Distinction. I opened the envelope in a slightly dismissal fashion, blissfully unaware that I was due to receive my transcript. I had plans, I had places to be that day, and this was just one more piece of mail to open before heading out... Continue Reading →

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